Touch, Translation and Present Space

  • Image: Catalina Maria Ungureanu, 'Language Has Failed Me', Screen print, oil and acrylic on canvas, 160 x 120 cm, 2020 1/14
  • Image: Anna Calleja, 'Alone in Quarantine', oil on canvas, 40 x 60cm, 2020 2/14
  • Image: Livia Gravil, 'A Way Out', Oil on canvas 25 x 30 cm, 2020 3/14
  • Image: Elizabeth Langley, 'Room 98', Oil on board and tape, 2020 4/14
  • Image: Sophie Perkins, 'Held In Bay', Acrylic on Canvas, 116 x 116 cm, 2020 5/14
  • Image: Danae Patsalou, 'Fish on plate at a Taverna', Oil on canvas, 76 x 66 cm, 2020 6/14
  • Image: Natasha Sadier, 'Outside Night Windows', oil on canvas 264 x 264 cm, 2020 7/14
  • Elizabeth Langley, 'Don't Step on the Cracks', Oil on wooden building block, 10 x 10 x 10 cm, 2020 8/14
  • Image: Catalina Maria Ungureanu, 'Liturgy', Oil and acrylic on canvas, 60 x 60 cm, 2020 9/14
  • Image: Livia Gravil, 'Nocturne 1', Acrylic on canvas, 20 x 25 cms. 2020 10/14
  • Image: Danae Patsalou, 'Korallia', Oil on canvas, 60 x 50 cm, 2020 11/14
  • Image: Natasha Sadier, 'Slide', Oil on board, 20 x 30 cm, 2020 12/14
  • Image: Anna Calleja, 'Sophie', Oil on canvas, 20 x 25cm, 2020 13/14
  • Image: Sophie Perkins, 'Landscape In Lull', Acrylic on Canvas, 116 x 116 cm, 2020 14/14

A series of online conversations with students, on the theme of painting in relation to Touch, Translation and Present Space.

CAST studio holder Nina Royle is the senior painting technician at Falmouth School of Art, a role that involves running workshops and tutorials to think through how the materials and the conceptualisation of paintings connect and interrelate. She has been creating the job from scratch and describes herself as learning on her feet, unsure of where it will lead. 

Throughout June Nina worked with graduating painting students to produce an exhibition on the Painters Network South West instagram account. Inter Alia asks what it means to translate a physical painting show into one that is virtual: what is lost and what is gained in this translation? 

Caught in the rapids of digitisation, painting is a medium that I think of as sticking out awkwardly, like a stone breaking the flow. For some, this suggests that it is a medium that fails to speak to the present, but I have always thought this awkwardness is painting’s greatest strength. As a result of the lockdown, with eyes burning from yet another Zoom or Skype or Teams meeting, I’ve had to think more closely than ever before about this awkwardness and how painting, and teaching painting, can translate onto a screen. How can I teach something which is about the nuance of pigments, the feel of materials and contact via gesture?

Contemplation of these questions led Nina to invite Dan Howard-Birt, painter and director of Kingsgate Project Space in London, to conduct three online conversations with the students, on the theme of painting in relation to Touch, Translation and Present Space

The participants are Anna Calleja, Livia Gravil, Elizabeth Langley, Danae Patsalou, Sophie Perkins, Natasha Sadier and Catalina Maria Ungureanu.

Falmouth University’s 2020 Showcase is online from July 1st.  The painting students’ Instagram takeover, Inter Alia, ran from Friday 3 to Saturday 11 July.