Spring Thing

Think and Makes are starting point ideas to get little minds moving. Everything is adaptable and an invitation to resourcefulness and creative imagination. The lock-down offers us the unique opportunity to slow down, apply ourselves in a more patient and measured way. There is no rush or competitive scramble for resources and attention, but instead there is time and plenty of it, to explore and make at leisure – to find and immerse oneself in the treasure of creative flow.

For egg decoration try tearing up colourful pieces from newspapers or magazines instead of tissue paper, or use sweet wrappers or delicate fabric. For Easter bunnies sew pieces from a shrunken jumper or sock instead of felt and use cotton wool or tissue instead of wool tops for stuffing and tails. Or why not try making pom pom chicks or bunnies with coloured wool? Or papier-mâché eggs and animals to hang on your spring branch? Keep them to bring out each Easter, to chart their creative progress to a seasonal rhythm, year by year.

There are no strict instructions and there is no right or wrong – just ideas, materials and imagination – and hopefully new skills and patience learned along the way.

If you decide to try out some of these ideas we’d love to see the results. If you use social media please tag @thinkandmakeatCAST on instagram or facebook. Perhaps you might also like to create a display in your window that others can spot when out for exercise.