• Image: Ben's Den, CAST-Off, August 2020 1/6
  • Image: botanical drawing, CAST-Off, August 2020 2/6
  • Image: boat building, CAST-Off, August 2020 3/6
  • Image: natural pigment making, CAST-Off, August 2020 4/6
  • Image: CAST-Off, August 2020 5/6
  • Image: origami boat racing, CAST-Off, August 2020 6/6

In response to the pandemic, the CAST-Off programme offered creative activities for children and families off-site and out of doors, replacing CAST’s usual summer ‘Think and Make’ workshops.

CAST-Off 2020 provided a self-guided trail for families, offering creative things to discover and do along the Cober Valley in Helston– from Lowertown, through the Moors beside the river, to the boating lake, Penrose and Loe Bar.

CAST’s learning specialist Lucy Grant designed a special activity map and families were encouraged to pick up a free map, sketchbook and pencil  from the CAST building and set off to find out more about the history, geography and nature of this special place.

In addition, on Tuesdays and Saturdays throughout August, artists were stationed at key locations to inspire invention and making. 

Given the overwhelmingly positive response to the first year’s activities, CAST-Off returned in the  summer of  2021.

In August 2021 there were two main bases for the programme of artist-led creative activities, which again took place on Tuesdays and Saturdays: the walled garden in the National Trust’s Penrose estate and Ben’s Den, in a little wood on the edge of town near the Bulwark estate. Lucy Grant designed a beautiful new activity map, with a number of challenges and tasks and small prizes for children who completed them.

The CAST-Off programme is supported by the Garcia Family Foundation, with generous assistance from Helston Town Council, Little Parc Owles Trust, FEAST and Falmouth University.