• Image: courtesy Seamas Carey

Seamas Carey presents MUSIC IN THE DARK

A new live experimental music/sound installation, performed entirely in the dark.

Why do we always need to look at something when we listen to music? What ever happened to good old-fashioned listening with no phones, no projections, no imagery, no flashing lights and no other unnecessary distractions?

Join Seamas Carey and his piano as he plays new compositions in the dark with the aid of a surround sound speaker system, where you’re encouraged to do nothing, but listen.

Running time approximately 45 minutes. Suitable for ages 15 +

Booking essential – buy £6 Eventbrite tickets here

Please note:
This performance is in the dark. It’s about listening, with no distraction. There is no need to talk. There will be very quiet sounds and very loud sounds.
No phones – we recommend leaving them at home.
No other light sources.
No admittance to latecomers.
We recommend arriving 15 minutes before the advertised start time, to allow ushers to show you to your seat.

Music by Seamas Carey
Sound design: Alistair Goolden

An independent production by Seamas Carey, presented with the support of CAST and Hall for Cornwall.