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  • Image: painting with natural pigments, CAST-Off, August 2020 1/5
  • Image: painting with natural pigments, CAST-Off, August 2020 2/5
  • Image: boat racing, CAST-Off, August 2020 3/5
  • Image: origami boat making, CAST-Off, August 2020 4/5
  • Image: Lowertown stepping stones on the way to Ben's Den, CAST-Off, August 2020 5/5

CAST-Off Tuesday 25 August 2020

Make paints and inks using natural materials or make a flag at Ben’s Den.

Painter Nina Royle will be in the Walled Garden at Penrose, where she’ll be sharing some of the many different ways to make paint from earth pigments and botanical ink from a range of seasonal roots, bulbs, barks, berries, beans and husks.

Ben Sanderson will be joined in his den by artist and gardener Georgia Gendall for flag-making fun. (There are signs from Lowertown to bring you to the right spot.)

Bayer Benzing’s wild-weaving session has been postponed and will now take place in the Walled Garden at Penrose on Saturday 29th August.

Tim Pryke and his son Seb have postponed their origami boat-building and boat-racing sessions, which will now also take place on Saturday 29th August. Meet in the Penrose Amenity Area (on the other side of the road from the boating lake) across the footbridge from the Fairground Car Park. Seb is preparing a Titanic vessel to mark the conclusion of CAST-Off.

The CAST-Off programme is presented with the generous support of The Garcia Family Foundation, with assistance from Arts Council England, Cornwall Heritage Trust, Feast and Little Parc Owles Trust.