Children and Families

  • Stephane Rouget at the walled garden, CAST-Off August 2020 1/3
  • Stonemason Stephane Rouget at work, image courtesy the artist 2/3
  • Painting materials in the woods, CAST-Off August 2020 3/3

CAST-Off Saturday 21 August

Botanical drawing, granite bashing and cloud gazing.

Visit the walled garden at Penrose to see stonemason Stephane Rouget demonstrating how to square off and dress a block of rough granite using traditional tools. Lucy Grant will turn her focus upwards with giant bubbles and activities inspired by the clouds, and there’ll be shadow play and charcoal to draw with.

Artist Ben Sanderson is re-creating his popular Den, this year in a spot that’s closer to the town. You’ll find him under a painted canopy in a dell in the woodland near the Bulwark estate, where there’ll be den making and rope knotting, as well as activities using natural materials. Follow signs from the Fairground car park along Whitehill Terrace (A394) to find the path.

There’s more to come every Tuesday and Saturday, including sessions on kite making, pinch pottery, cyanotypes and granite bashing.

We won’t be put off by a bit of drizzle and hope you won’t either, but please check this listing or the CASTCornwall facebook page on the day in case of extreme weather or last-minute changes. Tuesday and Saturday sessions will run from 10am to 12 noon and 2 to 4pm.

The map, sketchbook packs and artist-led activities are all offered free of charge, but we should be very grateful for donations to support this programme and future activities for children and young people. Online donations can be made via our Charities Aid Foundation page and there will be donation jars in the walled garden.

The CAST-Off programme is supported by the Garcia Family Foundation, with generous assistance from Helston Town Council, Little Parc Owles Trust, FEAST and Falmouth University.