Studio renovations

Work has begun on the creation of four new work spaces in the CAST building.

 Most of the studios in the building were formerly classrooms, with large north-facing windows providing excellent light. The new studios are at the back of the building and are much smaller, but all will provide attractive work spaces, each with its own particular character. A number of larger spaces at the east end of the building will also be brought into use as studios. 
CAST will circulate details of available spaces when they are ready and there will be a formal application and selection process to determine their allocation. To join the waiting list and receive details email info@c-a-s-t.org.uk.

Other renovations include essential upgrading of plumbing and electrical services, roof repairs and external maintenance, as well as replacement of the metal walkway at the back of the building. The renovation project is funded by a Small Capital grant from Arts Council England, with grants from Cornwall Council and the Monument Trust and additional funding from Helston Town Council and the Helston Downsland Trust.

The high-spec black box installed to show moving image work for the Groundwork programme will be retained for the present and CAST will continue to programme artists’ moving image events and presentations in this space.